A perpetual teacher of carpentry, owner Orrin Macik is always excited to find new ways to share his knowledge and craft with others. As a member
beattietech of the Occupational Advisory Board at A.W. Beattie Tech, Orrin was invited to step into the classroom for a day to teach a group of students a lesson on custom woodworking, a specialization not strictly offered by the technical school. The students themselves are currently studying Carpentry/Building Construction at Beattie Tech and were eager to learn from a pro woodworker already established in the field.

Orrin decided to teach the group of students how to produce a piece of work that appeared complicated but was actually simple after learning the proper technique: cabinetry assembly.

By quickly assembling an entire cabinet while the students worked, Orrin demonstrated the benefits and utility of learning pocket-hole joinery assembly!

Students Working

Constructing a Cabinet







Learning how to properly craft pocket-hole joinery using basic tools, students can simply create the face frame on almost any cabinet. With this knowledge, students can go on to create their own custom cabinets at home or in the carpentry field!

pocket hole joinery

However, Orrin didn’t just show the students how to create pocket-hole joinery; he also gave them a tour of the inside of the Macik CWC mobile wood-shop! The mobile wood-shop allows our crew to effortlessly work on-site which helps streamline production and also enables them to easily move from site to site with large amounts of equipment they might need to use.

Mobile Wood Shop

Before leaving them for the day, Orrin offered the students some advice from a carpenter when applying for a job in the field. Orrin explained what he personally looks for when searching for a new woodworker to join his crew and he also provided the students with a few insider tips on how to make a great first impression during an interview! Additionally, Orrin encouraged the students to ask him any questions they had about the day’s lesson, woodworking and carpentry in general, or about interviewing processes in the field.

After the day’s lesson was complete, the students went home feeling accomplished and optimistic at the future of their own careers and the new possibility of entering the woodworking world after graduation!